Stephen Bass

aka : Bassy

What is your home town and state?
“Dallas”, TX. Grew up in Carrollton, now live in Frisco


What AFL team do you support?
Collingwood or Richmond


What do you do for work?
Sales Analyst at Dr Pepper


How long have you been playing footy?
14 years


What position do you play? (Or think you will/want to)
Forward pocket or half forward flank


What’s your favourite food post game?
Depends on how the game went but it definitely wont be healthy


What sport did you play before footy?
Soccer, Football, Rugby, Baseball, Golf


Favourite TV show?
So many good ones, I’ll give you a few… Friends, How I met your mother, Schitts Creek, The League


What’s 1 fun fact about you?
I played soccer tournaments in England, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and Norway when I was in middle school/high school with regional and national travel teams


If you were known for one thing, what would it be?
I’m always smiling and having fun no matter what I’m doing


You’ve got $5 left in your wallet and it’s your shout at the bar. What do you do…?
Beer me